Teachers’ Summertime Side Projects

Teachers’ Summertime Side Projects

I am aware that instructors require side jobs to help them make ends meet and are always seeking for methods to increase their income.

These side jobs are ideal for anybody who needs additional money all year long or during the holidays in the schools!

With the top side gigs for teachers, you might start making up to $1,000 a month!

During the summer break, the instructor does the following side job.

1. Dog walking and pet sitting

$20.90 per hour of pay

How to Commence: As a dog walker or pet sitter, sign up with Rover to start scheduling customers right now!

If you have an affinity for animals, pet sitting or dog walking might be your ideal summertime side gig.

When you pet sit, you’ll get to spend time with your furry pals and get some exercise by strolling. It may be used in conjunction with applications that enable you to earn additional money by walking.

2. Pay for house sitting: $20 per hour

How to Commence: In order to apply for employment, you must first build a profile on a website or app.

While the owners are gone, house sitting might include anything from feeding pets and taking care of the plants to fetching the mail and keeping an eye on things.

House sitters usually get paid an hourly rate or a fixed fee for doing almost nothing, however the tasks included vary based on the employment.

3. Drivers Delivering Food Get Paid $18.32 Per Hour

How to Commence: Use some of the following meal delivery apps:



Eats Uber


One great way for instructors to earn additional money on the side is by driving food delivery services. It provides flexible hours that accommodate the school day in addition to respectable compensation.

4. Salary for Delivery Drivers: $25,155 year

How to Commence: Driving for Amazon or Instacart may be a flexible profession that works around your teaching schedule and a fantastic opportunity to earn some additional money.

Delivery drivers are in more demand due to the growth of internet shopping.

This has made it a great opportunity for instructors who want to supplement their income to provide delivery services, such meal delivery, pharmacy pickup, and grocery shopping, for a few hours each day.

5. Driver

Pay: $36,902 annually

How to Commence: To connect with individuals in need of transportation, sign up for a service like Uber.

If you drive a great vehicle and have a spotless driving record, you may be able to earn additional money as a chauffeur.

For instructors, this is a wonderful side gig since the hours are flexible and the money is often quite good.

6. Summer School Teacher Salary: $3,292 per month

How to Commence: Before the end of the school year, find out if there are any vacancies by contacting your school system. Choose the kind of class you would want to teach next.

Not all schools cease their teaching during breaks! Teaching summer school in their district is a common way for teachers to augment their income.

After the academic year ends, summer school may be a fun opportunity to continue relationships with coworkers and kids in the area while also earning additional money.

7. Exercise Instructor

Salary: $31 per hour

How to Commence: After earning your certification, promote your services to prospective customers. Additionally, there may be openings for you to instruct group exercise sessions in a nearby studio or gym.

Creating and directing exercise programs for your customers would be your duty as a fitness trainer.

This might be anything from teaching the fundamentals of yoga to preparing for a marathon. Along with motivating them, you must assist your customers in setting reasonable objectives.

8. Market Lesson Plans

Pay: $2 to $3 for each workout

How to Commence: Register for Gold City Ventures’ Free Workshop to find out more about creating and selling printables.

Instructors are always searching for fresh and creative class ideas and teaching resources. Making fresh lesson plans, however, might take some time. Selling lesson plans may help with that.

Make lesson plans from scratch or compile ideas from various sources. Then, offer them for sale online to educators searching for new resources.

9. Offer Educational Resources

Payment: Variable

How to Commence: Distribute your products via word-of-mouth, brick-and-mortar storefronts, and internet retailers.

One great way for teachers to earn additional money on the side is by selling instructional products. You may sell lesson plans, worksheets, school accessories, and creative storage solutions.

10. Sales Pay for Garages: Adjustable

How to Commence: To get started, just assemble everything you want to sell, price everything, and have your garage sale.

Having a garage sale is a great way for instructors to earn some additional cash.

It’s a terrific way to clear out undesirable stuff from your house and declutter, plus it may earn you some money really fast.

10. Bartending

Salary: $16.11 + Gratuities

How to Commence: You must possess a valid ID and be at least 21 years old. It will be necessary for you to remain at ease in a hectic setting.

Bartending is a flexible and enjoyable method to make extra money that you can usually fit around your teaching schedule. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to network and pick up new abilities.

12. Pay for nannies and babysitters: $18.90 per hour

How to Commence: You may start by looking via internet employment listings or getting in touch with local families directly to get positions as a babysitter or nanny.

For instructors looking for side income, nannying or babysitting is a great choice. It’s not only a flexible method to supplement your income, but it may also be enjoyable and fulfilling.

You’ll also be well-prepared to manage anything thanks to your teaching expertise.

13. Guide to the Tour

Salary: $22.71 per hour

How to Commence: Apply online or via your local tourist board if you’re looking for hiring tour operators.

For educators, giving tours might be a great way to supplement their income.

In addition to being an enjoyable pastime, it allows you to educate people about your local expertise.

14. Monthly Salary for Camp Counselors: $2,517

How to Commence: You may apply to your neighborhood camp or look for openings online for camp counselors.

Becoming a camp counselor might be the ideal side job for you.

At a summer camp, your duties as a camp counselor would include organizing activities and keeping an eye on the kids.

15. Pay for lifeguards: $14 per hour

How to Commence: Obtain a lifeguard certification from the Red Cross or a comparable institution.

Since lifeguarding is mostly an outside career, you may work in the sunlight and fresh air.

Furthermore, it’s possible to find a timetable that fits with your teaching schedule since lifeguards usually work in shifts.

16. Pay for a Handy Person: $22.07 per hour

How to Commence: Work may be found in person, online via FlexJobs, or by word-of-mouth.

Basic repairs like replacing a lightbulb, repairing a leaking faucet, and assembling furniture are tasks that handypeople must be capable of doing.

You will interact with people on a regular basis, thus you must have a strong focus on customer service.

17. Organizing an Event

Pay: $3,778 per month

How to Commence: Give your friends and relatives a free consultation. You may begin charging for your services after a few well-run events.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to event planning. Everything from business getaways to birthday celebrations may be planned. Start small and grow your customer little by bit.

As soon as you have a few happy clients, word of mouth will begin to circulate and you will be in demand for a variety of occasions.

18. Pay for catering: $17.57 per hour

How to Commence: You must advertise your company and develop a menu before you can begin catering. Make a website and shoot gorgeous food images.

A lot of instructors find that catering is the ideal side job. It enables them to express their creativity in creating distinctive menus and cultivating enduring relationships with customers.

Furthermore, beginning a catering company without a large upfront investment is simple since most of them are tiny.

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