Is GoodDollar a Trustworthy or Fraudulent Website? (All Information + Grade)

Is GoodDollar a Trustworthy or Fraudulent Website? (All Information + Grade)

The GoodDollar website makes the idea that you might get free bitcoin every day.

Is GoodDollar a legitimate company or a fraud? You should consider it before committing to it.

In addition to easing your concerns, our GoodDollar review will walk you through every aspect of the website so you may be fully informed before registering. After that, you’ll be able to determine whether or not earning money with GoodDollar is beneficial.

Shall we now investigate the objective of this platform?

What specific service does GoodDollar provide?

On the GoodDollar platform, free bitcoin is available every day. Absolutely, it does, since you might really get free bitcoin from it. However, it does not imply that you must register on our website.

You must determine how much money you can make today in order to determine if it’s worth it. To get a comprehensive idea of the time and effort required to generate money from it, it is important to take the earning potential into account.

Thus, this is how you may make money using GoodDollar.

Choice 1: Every Day Declaration

You may collect your free bitcoin by logging in to the member dashboard or mobile app once a day (more on this later). You will be able to claim a certain amount of GoodDollar tokens (G$), which will depend on the overall quantity of tokens that day.

Depending on the quantity of tokens created for that day, a different number of G$ tokens will be accessible each day.

The amount of supporters who deposit underlying assets into the platform is one of the deciding variables in this, however the website does a poor job of describing it.

Simply click the Claim button after logging into the platform’s wallet via the website or mobile app to get your free bitcoin. After that, you’ll see an image that looks like the one above. Simply click the “Claim Now” button to get the free bitcoin.

But before you can get your free bitcoin, you have to complete a verification procedure that requires you to provide a picture of yourself. You will be eligible for daily free bitcoin when your identity has been verified.

It really is that straightforward and uncomplicated, if I may say so. Even though it just takes a few seconds to complete, this is not a fast method to earn bitcoin.

The Referral Program’s Option 2

The GoodDollar referral program offers an additional means of earning money. If you are acquainted with Get-Paid-To (GPT) and surveys, you will already be familiar with this option.

You have to get others to sign up for the website in order to be paid for referrals. You have to provide your invite link to the person you want to invite in order to make this happen. They will become your recommendation when they click the link and register as a member.

However, your referrer has to make at least one G$ token claim in order to get the referral compensation. You will then get 100 G$ tokens. In my view, it’s an easy method to generate money, but you have to make sure the individuals you invite are prepared to get free bitcoin. Otherwise, this is your one chance to lose nothing.

How are you compensated?

To store your G$ tokens, you may utilize the platform’s integrated wallet. Following that, you may choose to move your G$ tokens to a different cryptocurrency wallet so you can exchange them out or to retain them on the website.

The two cryptocurrency trading platforms that allowed trading of this coin at the time this article was created were Uniswap and Ubeswap. As of the time this article was written, GoodDapp, GoodDollar’s proprietary trading platform, has temporarily stopped facilitating G$ token switching. There are only two options available to you: stake your tokens there or give them to a worthy cause.

Now that the GoodDollar token has a monetary value, you may use the cryptocurrency exchange services listed above to turn it into cash. To convert these coins into cash, you must learn how to transact if you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency transactions.

For this reason, I argue that the payment mechanism on this platform is a little more involved than it is on the great majority of already available GPT and survey websites. Moreover, the value of the G$ token isn’t set since it’s not even close to being a stablecoin.

Check out the top sites where you can get free Bitcoin if you’d like to deal with other popular currencies.

How much money could you possibly make?

The value of a single G$ token was around $0.00004392 during my platform test. Therefore, in order to earn $1, you will need to claim thousands of these tokens. Until the value of G$ climbs, using this platform won’t be advantageous for you.

However, if you think the cryptocurrency will succeed in the future, I think it makes sense to claim it every day. To earn $1, you will need to hit the claim button hundreds of times. You only need to be patient.

Because of this, I believe that GoodDollar offers very little in the way of earning possibilities. Its earning potential won’t change, in my view, until the token’s value dramatically increases.

Use a mobile device for that?

You may obtain your daily free bitcoin by utilizing this platform’s mobile app, even when you’re not using a computer. However, only Android users are able to download the software. Because of this, you have to utilize the web-based platform if you use iOS.

Because of the web-based platform’s flexible design, claiming free cryptocurrency with your iPhone or iPad won’t be too tough. The user-friendly application offers access to all of the features of the web-based platform.

Who should sign up with GoodDollar?

The website does not specifically list the nations in which it is accessible. However, to the best of my knowledge, it is accessible anywhere without being subject to cryptocurrency-related restrictions.

You may use your Facebook or Google account to register. You don’t even need a password to register. All you have to do to get into the dashboard is provide GoodDollar your phone number. After that, you will get an SMS with a code from them.

As was already said, after completing the registration verification procedure, you will not be able to begin getting your free bitcoin.

Are you able to assist yourself?

You may check out the Knowledge Base and FAQ sections of the platform’s website if you have any queries regarding it. These sections highlight the key GoodDollar themes that you should be aware of.

However, you must get in touch with us if you have any queries or have any problems while using the website. To do this, choose the Help & Support option from the GoodDollar wallet’s account settings.

After that, a link to its Telegram channel will appear, enabling you to message an agent directly and ask questions. In general, I think the platform offers its users good assistance since it makes getting in touch with the staff simple.

Its Knowledge Base, which you can use to learn more about the website, is another feature I like.

Last Remark

A trustworthy website that offers daily free bitcoin is called GoodDollar. For as good as it is, there are a few downsides that you should take into account.

I’ve enumerated its benefits and drawbacks so you can quickly review the information and make your own decision.

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