Review of the Money Quiz App: Is It Worth It? (What to Be Aware of)

Review of the Money Quiz App: Is It Worth It? (What to Be Aware of)

I advise against downloading Money Quiz. Since you won’t ever make money from it, you will simply be squandering your time. It would be wiser for you to invest your time on applications or websites that promise profits.

A smartphone app called Money Quiz makes the promise that you may be paid to complete quizzes. Installing this programme might be of interest to you if you like playing quiz games.

But before anything else, I strongly advise you to read this Money Quiz app review, which will provide you with all of the app’s information. In this manner, you’ll be aware of what to anticipate from it even before installation.

After that, you can determine if it is really worthwhile. So, how about we check out Money Quiz together?

What does Money Quiz provide and what is it?

You may play the quiz game Money Quiz to perhaps win money. Before you install this programme, there are a few things you should know about it.

Let’s start by looking at the earning potential it provides so you can clearly see how much time and work will be required to make money from it. Here is how to profit from Money Quiz, then.

The potential for income – Taking Quiz Games

Playing quiz games is Money Quiz’s primary source of revenue. The games are not too complicated. All you have to do is choose the trivia question’s answer (see the image below).

To be eligible for the alleged award, you must properly answer the question.

You will be presented with two alternatives for each question. Since the questions are usually rather straightforward, you’ll probably choose the right response. You will get a little payment for each question you properly answer, which will be added to the sum on your Money Quiz account.

You will have the opportunity to watch an advertisement to treble your profits for each question you answer. Although it’s not required, I must say that it is really alluring. You will next be required to view a video advertisement in order to go on to the next question after answering five questions.

Although I find this portion to be very frustrating, I do recognise that the programme must make money at some point, and as far as I can see, the only way it does so is by showing advertisements to users. Thus, in a sense, it’s a necessary evil.

You may answer as many questions as you want each day, but you’ll get one extra spin to win a random prise for each 20 questions you successfully answer. This may be seen as a bonus for providing accurate answers to enquiries.

I will go over how you will be compensated in the next part.

How are you compensated?

As previously mentioned, you will get credit for accurately answering a question. However, how will you be able to take your money out?

The possible payment method will vary according on the nation in which you reside.

That is dependent upon the nation in which you reside. The software allows you to withdraw your winnings using PayPal in certain regions. There will be an alternative choice available in other nations. The payment option that is accessible will also determine the threshold that you must cross in order to withdraw your money. It may be $0.10 or $10, depending on the amount.

It seems to have a rather simple payment mechanism. I say “appears to be” because, as I will explain later, the software does not ensure that you will be able to withdraw your money.

Therefore, I advise you to look at the best websites that pay via PayPal if you’re searching for programmes or websites that make it simple for you to withdraw your money.

What is your potential income?

You will get a very little payment (between $0.001 and $0.002) for each question you successfully answer. Therefore, in order to get a substantial, you will need to properly answer hundreds of questions, which might take a long time.

This is the reason I believe Money Quiz has very little earning potential. Additionally, if you ever make enough money using the programme, there are a few warning signs you should be aware of since they may prevent you from being able to withdraw your winnings. I will talk about it in the part that follows.

Warning signs for Money Quiz

As previously discussed, Money Quiz has a number of warning signs that you should be aware of. During my app testing, I saw several warning signs, which I will now share with you so you are aware of them. In this manner, in the future, you may quickly identify them in other programmes.

First warning sign: bad language

You would think that the app’s language would be almost flawless for a quiz game. It surprised me, however, because there were a number of grammatical mistakes in the questions while I was testing the app.

On occasion, it might even confuse the question to the point that you may choose the incorrect response. I think one fundamental thing developers should have down pat is using good language. For this reason, I personally avoid downloading applications or visiting websites with bad language as it often speaks poorly of the makers.

In my experience, if they are unable of managing the fundamentals, there probably is something more serious ahead.

Two more red flags: the application is under early-access.

I usually get dubious when I come across an early-access earning programme. I started my research as soon as I saw the Early-Access notice on the Money Quiz app website (see the picture below).

You won’t be able to read the bad reviews for an online rewards app if it is set to Early Access.

Money Quiz apparently received a 3.0 Google Play rating when it was first made available to the general public. I couldn’t understand why it was set to Early Access because of this. I believe that the creator structured it this way in order to prevent hearing bad things about the software.

You can notice that the review portion of the app page is blocked when the app is set to Early-Access. Therefore, until you test it out for yourself, you won’t be able to read user reviews on the app page and won’t know what to expect. I think it’s a brilliant method that developers have figured out and utilised improperly.

I am usually leery of smartphone applications that are in early access because of this. Now, I’m not claiming that all programmes that are available under Early Access are dubious. While there are certainly legitimate applications out there, all of the earning apps I have seen during early access are ones you should avoid.

Red sign #3: There is a decline in rewards

When I started researching the app, the most frequent criticism I came across concerned the prizes you get for providing accurate answers to questions. It seems that the prizes you get will grow less and smaller as you approach the payout level, making it more difficult for you to reach the barrier and take your money out.

I tested it instead of taking their word for it, and I discovered that the feedback was accurate. This is yet another cunning tactic used by developers to deter users from ever taking money out of their accounts. They progressively make it more difficult to cross the barrier before giving up.

Since they viewed advertisements in an effort to cross the barrier, the app would have already made money from them throughout this whole time. I know this is what is occurring since I have encountered this on hundreds of applications and websites over the years.

Great online rewards systems often limit the prizes you may earn to a certain amount. When you approach close to the threshold, it stays the same. Furthermore, in my experience, they will just create more barriers to prevent you from receiving your cash, even if you persevere and ultimately reach the level.

The significance of the second red flag stems from this. As you can see, this kind of criticism is often seen in the reviews area if the app has allowed reviews. Consequently, you won’t even need to install the software since you will already be aware that there is a problem with it. After that, the app won’t get any views for the advertisements it displays and won’t make any money.

Fourth red flag: No valid contact information

Finally, I noticed that there was no contact form on the app while I was trying it. In addition, there was no Help or even a section with FAQs. I therefore proceeded to the app page to see whether the support team’s contact details were shown.

I saw that the Support email was linked to a Gmail account. My experience tells me that it’s generally not a good idea to use a Gmail account as your Support department’s contact information. It demonstrates that the developer didn’t even try to set up a working support email address, indicating that it won’t even bother trying to help its users.

Last Word

With the app Money Quiz, you can allegedly make money by responding to trivia questions. Although it makes a compelling offer, there are a few things you should know about it before installing it.

I’ve enumerated the benefits and drawbacks of Money Quiz so you can make an informed decision.

Advantages: N/A

Cons: Very little payoff

The app has a lot of spam.

Doesn’t provide assistance

has several warning signs

In case it’s not apparent enough, I advise against downloading Money Quiz. Since you won’t ever make money from it, you will simply be squandering your time. It would be wiser for you to invest your time on applications or websites that promise profits.

Instead, I advise you to look at the top survey and GPT sites in your nation for a list of these applications and websites. With the strong earning potential of all the websites and applications on our list, you may quickly make a respectable sum of money. Furthermore, they’re all guaranteed to make money.

Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts, queries, or experiences with Money Quiz.

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