Review of the Jagger App: Is It Worth It? (An Honest Look)

Review of the Jagger App: Is It Worth It? (An Honest Look)

Jagger is a decent software for surveys. But it’s also not all that good. Its lack of monetary benefits is, in my view, a major drawback.

According to the smartphone app Jagger, voicing your thoughts might win you rewards. I’ve evaluated hundreds of similar applications over the years, so I’m aware that not all of them are worthwhile.

Is it worth your time to use this software, then?

Before you ever install the Jagger app, you will know precisely what to anticipate from it thanks to this review, which will offer you an inside peek. You will then be able to determine whether or not this is the opportunity that is appropriate for you.

What does Jagger provide, and what is it?

With the survey app Jagger, you may be compensated for responding to questionnaires. Given that you will be able to get prizes, it is completely legitimate. This does not, however, imply that Jagger is useful. To determine if Jagger is worth your time, you must first comprehend how it operates.

The easiest method to accomplish so is to look at the earning prospects it provides so you can determine how much time and effort you will need to put in to get that money. Watch the video below to learn everything about Jagger’s workflow. The whole information is also available below the video.

First Choice: Paid Surveys

Completing surveys is Jagger’s primary revenue stream. Initially, you will respond to their profile questionnaires. The purpose of these surveys is to learn more about you so that the app can choose which surveys to send you.

You won’t need to go through a qualification procedure to participate in these polls. You will get little incentives upon finishing the profile surveys—of which there are a fair number—after doing so.

Completing surveys might earn you incentives.

You may go to the real surveys after completing all of the profile questionnaires. You’ll have to go through a qualifying procedure to be eligible for them. You will be notified if you are eligible to go on to the survey when you have completed the qualifying questions.

You just need to go on to the next survey (if any) if you are unable to qualify. You will get the promised prize, which will come in the form of money, after finishing a survey. I’ll talk about what you can do with the coins you’ve won later.

As long as you have completed answering all of the profile questions, there are usually plenty of surveys accessible at any one moment. However, you should be aware that you may not always be eligible for every survey. It is thus not something you can consistently make money from.

Media Research is Option 2.

This takes me to Jagger’s second source of income. Jagger now offers media research, an additional tool that may enable you to make passive income. Ads Tracking, TV & YouTube Research, and Outdoor Media Research are the three choices available for this function.

You may get entry into each of their prize drawings by enabling them all. In addition, you will get the extra advantage of their Survey Boost (more on this later), which is essentially a method of raising the incentives you will get from the surveys you do.

You don’t need to do anything extra to take advantage of this chance. The app will take care of the rest; all you need to do is activate the features you wish to use. More information on Media Research is available on the website’s FAQ page.

How are you compensated?

As previously mentioned, completing surveys will win you coins. But specifically, what can you do with these coins? You know what, you can use them to get other gift cards.

You may use the coins you’ve earned to redeem a variety of gift cards.

The gift cards that you may use for redemption mostly depend on the nation in which you reside; nonetheless, Amazon gift cards are the most popular choice. In order to use a gift card, you must accumulate 2,000 coins or more. This amounts to $20, which is a rather high barrier in my view.

However, I like that Jagger’s incentive programme allows you to contribute to the planting of a tree for each survey you do. The app promises to use Eden Reforestation Projects’ assistance to plant one tree for each survey respondent.

As a result, you will not only be able to get prizes but also contribute to the greening of the globe. I think that’s a great addition, but I really hope the app delivers on what it promises.

All things considered, Jagger’s payment mechanism is not too complicated. As you can see, however, the payment level is quite high and there are no monetary incentives offered. I advise you to look at the sites that pay out the quickest if you like applications or websites with a low payment threshold.

What is your potential income?

The number of surveys you do will determine how much money you may make with Jagger. There are usually a good number of surveys accessible, as was previously noted. But the majority of polls only pay off between thirty and forty pennies.

It will only be around $0.30 to $0.40 each survey if you convert that, which is, in my view, a quite low rate. However, as was previously said, there is a method for you to increase your earnings from Jagger, and that is by using the Survey Boost.

Once Survey Boost is on, you will automatically get 10% extra prizes for each survey. The longer you continue to complete surveys and have Survey Boost enabled, the more this might rise by 100%. Therefore, you will essentially be doubling the amount you receive every survey if you get the maximum increase.

Although it’s a good bump, Jagger’s earning potential is still modest in my perspective due of its poor base rewards.

Is it compatible with a desktop?

Because Jagger is a mobile-only platform, using a mobile device is required if you want to make money from it. The good news is that compatibility won’t be a problem since the software is accessible to both Android and iOS users.

Devices running iOS and Android can both use the app.

Additionally, the app is easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble getting accustomed to it. I think it offers a generally favourable user experience, which is everything you would expect from a mobile application.

Who is able to accompany Jagger?

Jagger is exclusive to a few nations, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. But given that it states it is accessible worldwide in the website’s FAQ section, I’m not really sure whether that is accurate. Therefore, searching for it is the easiest approach to find out whether it is accessible in your country.

It is accessible in your country if it shows up among the results. You have to install the app in order to join up. Then, you’ll be prompted to choose your login method the first time you use the app. You should be able to finish the registration in less than a minute if you just follow the directions.

As previously said, after you log in, it is recommended that you respond to every profile survey right away in order to get further surveys. To guarantee that you have access to more earning chances, I advise you to accomplish that first.

Are you able to receive assistance?

See the FAQ area if you have any issues about the website or your account. It is available via the app as well as the website. It covers every significant subject you should be aware of about Jagger.

You may simply get in touch with assistance if you are unable to locate the answers you need. You may click the Support icon at the bottom right of the FAQ page to do this. Simply complete the remaining blanks to submit your query.

All things considered, I would say that the app does provide respectable support since it gives you a handy option to get help.

Last Word

With the legitimate survey app Jagger, you may be paid to complete surveys. It offers a few good features, however you may wish to take into account some of its restrictions.

Let me list its advantages and disadvantages to assist you in making a choice and give you a comprehensive understanding of what Jagger has to offer.

Pros: Provides a simple means of earning

The application is easy to use.


Poor returns

doesn’t provide out monetary incentives

high threshold for payment

Jagger is not a terrible survey app, in my view. But it’s also not all that good. Its lack of monetary benefits is, in my view, a major drawback. It also provides little benefits. Thus, it will need some time to cross the comparatively high barrier.

Positively, the app promises to plant a tree for each survey you complete, so if you take advantage of it and utilise its questionnaires, you could be doing your bit to protect the environment. In my view, downloading this programme won’t be a negative thing if you value it highly.

I would advise you to look at the best survey and GPT websites in your nation if, on the other hand, you are just interested in it for the money (so to speak). You may quickly make a respectable sum of money on any of the websites on our list since they all have strong earning potential.

Furthermore, no matter where you reside, you will undoubtedly discover a website or app that you can use.

Please leave a remark below if you have any thoughts, questions, or personal stories about Jagger.

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