The Designer Who Is Revolutionizing the Fashion Sector

The Designer Who Is Revolutionizing the Fashion Sector

Isabella Springmühl’s struggle to find clothing that fit her as a person with Down syndrome is what first drew her attention to the world of design. “It was challenging for me to acquire clothing,” she remarks. We are shorter, broader, or very thin because of our diverse physical constitutions. The clothing that my mother purchased me needed to be fixed all the time. She made the decision to pursue a career in fashion design and create clothing that is appropriate for those who have Down syndrome as a result.

Nevertheless, she was turned down by two Guatemalan institutions when she originally applied to fashion school. While other individuals may give up at this point, for her it served as the inspiration to pursue her ambition in spite of the obstacles. She made the decision to enroll in a women’s sewing school after looking at other options.

She was required to make clothes for “worry dolls” at the academy. These are customary Guatemalan dolls that are placed under kids’ pillows to soothe them as they sleep. But she liked to make outfits for life-sized dolls, so she started creating coats for them out of native Guatemalan fabrics. After that, she turned her attention to creating clothing for humans, finding inspiration in the wide range of colors and textures seen in traditional fabrics. “I honor all these women who have been weaving Guatemala’s history in clothing and textiles for ages and ages by using the Mayan textiles in my designs,” the woman said.

Before beginning to sew, Isabella selects vintage fabrics from Antigua, the former capital of Guatemala. After that, the fabric is brought to her studio, where she collaborates with her staff to design one-of-a-kind clothing. She wants to show the world that both men and women with Down syndrome are capable of achieving their goals by exporting her business, Down 2 Xjabelle. She aspires to live independently and be totally self-sufficient via her career as a designer.

She is well on her way to reaching her objectives at the age of twenty. She was the first person with Down syndrome to have a clothing line shown at London Fashion Week last year. She was listed as one of the 100 inspiring women by the BBC. She has received invitations to events in Miami, Chicago, and even Paris this year.

On her website, Facebook page, or Instagram account, you can see more of her creations and be informed about her next events.

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