With SurveyTime, get $1.00 in instant survey payments.

With SurveyTime, get $1.00 in instant survey payments.

Recently, SurveyTime was added to the SurveyPolice list as a distinctive survey site that offers fast payment. Earn $1.00 immediately by paying with a PayPal account or by getting an e-gift card voucher via email after successfully completing a survey.

Instant payments—no point systems!

There are no intricate point systems offered by SurveyTime, and there is no payment delay upon survey completion. You will be rewarded $1.00 immediately using the chosen rewards method for each completed survey.

Select between e-gift cards and PayPal

You have the option of receiving your $1.00 payment into your PayPal account or selecting an e-gift card from a variety of shops, such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and so on. Keep in mind that incentives programmes differ from nation to nation.

Use the device of your choosing to complete surveys.

Take surveys from your PC, tablet, or phone—whichever you prefer—as SurveyTime’s offerings are constantly responsive to mobile devices. Notifications of new surveys may also be received by your browser, SMS, or email. Look in your account settings for this subscription option.

Accessible worldwide

SurveyTime is really worldwide, in contrast to other survey panels; you may join and be eligible for the $1.00 quick rewards regardless of where you live.

In just a few seconds, use your Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts to sign up for SurveyTime. As an alternative, you may register for the site using your email address.

Eligibility: Open to all citizens of the globe

SurveyTime substitutes

If you’re already a SurveyTime user searching for something comparable, give these possibilities some thought:

Like SurveyTime, Rewarding Ways allows you to be paid with as little as $1.00 in your account. You may get compensated with gift cards, PayPal, or bitcoin. You have a variety of options for earning your first $1.00 quick payout, including viewing movies, taking part in trials, and completing surveys. A $0.20 joining bonus is given to new members, which represents 20% of the initial pay out amount!

Superpay.me: Similar to Rewarding Ways, SuperPayme allows you to accrue account balance via paid surveys, offers, videos, and promo code entries. This balance may then be redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards, or bitcoin payments. Additionally, this site offers a $0.20 sign-up bonus in addition to requiring only $1.00 in profits to be paid!

Like the aforementioned websites, QuickRewards Network allows you to purchase online, play games, do paid surveys, and fulfil offers in return for gift cards and cash. To request a PayPal payment, all you need is $0.01 in your account. This implies that you may withdraw money to your PayPal account as soon as you complete an action and get paid for it.

Similar to SurveyTime, SurveySavvy exclusively provides paid surveys in return for money. The main distinction is that checks are the sole form of payment accepted. Joining SurveySavvy is open to everyone worldwide, and USD checks are provided. Once you’ve completed surveys totaling only $1.00, you may ask for a cheque.

Revision: 2019 saw the end of the Gifthulk gpt programme on August 1. They said on their website that SurveyTime would take the place of the website.

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