App Review: Is It Worth Using Frisbee? (Complete Specifics + Grade)

App Review: Is It Worth Using Frisbee? (Complete Specifics + Grade)

I think Frisbee is a decent software for scanning receipts. But it’s also not all that good. Because of the few benefits it delivers, it will take some time to make a significant sum from it.

A smartphone software called Frisbee makes the promise that you may get incentives for giving them access to your data. Having evaluated several such applications over the years, I am aware that not all of them are legitimate or even worth utilizing.

Thus, the current question is: Is Frisbee reliable and worthwhile?

Before you even install the Frisbee app, you will be more prepared for what it is like after reading our review.

In this manner, you may accurately assess whether or not the program is worthwhile to use. Now, may we examine Frisbee in more detail?

What does Frisbee provide, and what is it?

You may be paid to scan and submit your receipts to the Frisbee app, which is a receipt scanning app. Since you will really get incentives, it is legitimate. That does not imply, however, that Frisbee is always worthwhile to use.

To choose whether to install this software, you must first comprehend how it operates. Examining the earning chances it provides is the greatest approach to achieve so since it will help you determine how much time and effort are required to profit from it.

Here is how you profit from Frisbee, then.

First Choice: Scanning Receipts

Scanning receipts is Frisbee’s primary revenue stream. You just need to go to the scan portion of the app after logging in to do this.

In order to get incentives, you must scan and submit your receipts.

Receipts that are no older than two weeks may be scanned. Frisbee has the advantage of not caring where the receipt comes from. Therefore, you may profit from it without having to purchase at a certain business. Frisbee will accept a receipt as long as it is not older than two weeks.

But you must ensure that the date of purchase, the business name, and all the products stated on the receipt will all be visible when you scan the receipt.

Frisbee will verify the scan when you submit it, and if everything checks out, you’ll be rewarded with points.

The entire amount shown on your receipt will determine how many points you get. Just keep in mind that, in my experience, this kind of earning opportunity usually doesn’t pay very much, so don’t expect to earn hundreds of points every transaction.

As for electronic receipts, you may also submit them if you made your purchase from an online retailer that has partnered with Frisbee. When you visit the connecting accounts area, you will see the list of retailers that Frisbee will accept.

Frisbee will track any online purchases you make from that shop after your account is connected, and it will give you points for each one. I don’t think it takes much work to take advantage of this chance.

But you have to consider it an incentive for sharing data rather than a means of making money. In this manner, you won’t be let down by your income.

One other thing to be aware of about scanning receipts is that you will be able to participate in their daily and weekly sweepstakes when you submit a scanned receipt. I’ll describe their sweepstakes’ operation later.

Program for Referrals, Option 2

Additionally, you may get points via Frisbee’s referral scheme. You have to provide your referral code to the persons you want to invite in order to do this. After downloading the app and creating an account, users need to enter your referral code.

They will then become your recommendation after that. However, they need to scan a receipt and accrue at least 50 points from the app (it doesn’t have to be from a single transaction) in order for you to be paid for your recommendation. You will be rewarded with 200 points, which is equivalent to $1, after those two requirements are satisfied.

It’s a really easy way to get money, but you have to make sure the individuals you invite are genuinely interested in using the app to make money. You won’t benefit financially from this opportunity if not.

How are you compensated?

As previously mentioned, Frisbee’s earning chances will earn you points. How, however, can you use the points you’ve accrued?

A prepaid Visa card or a variety of gift cards may be redeemed.

They may be redeemed for a variety of gift cards at places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and more. Prepaid Visa cards may also be redeemed if you’d rather be paid cash.

You must accumulate at least 2,000 points, or $10, in order to claim a prize. Redeeming a reward won’t take too long since, in my judgment, the payment threshold is quite low.

Frisbee’s payment structure is really straightforward overall. But if you’re serious about making money, I advise you to look into the best websites that accept PayPal payments.

What is your potential income?

As I previously said, you shouldn’t anticipate making a significant income from this program. This is because, in my experience, most receipt-scanning applications don’t provide very high payouts. Therefore, you should only see the money you make using this program as a bonus and not as a reliable source of additional income.

The total amount shown on the receipt will determine how many points you get for each one that you submit. You will only get 5 points if the total is $10 or less. You will get 10 points if it is between $10 and $49.99.

You will get 15 points for purchases ranging from $50 to $99.99. Lastly, you will get 20 points for transactions above $100. As you can see, this is not a very lucrative possibility for you. Just to reach the compensation threshold, you will need to submit a large number of receipts.

As I indicated before, when you turn in a receipt, you may enter Frisbee’s daily and weekly contests. You should see this as an opportunity to greatly boost your app revenue. But in my view, you shouldn’t consider this an income possibility since it will just depend on chance.

The winner of their weekly sweepstakes will get 25,000 points ($125), while the winner of their daily sweepstakes will receive 2,000 points ($10).

Is it compatible with a desktop?

Since Frisbee is a smartphone-only platform, using a mobile device is required if you want to make money from it. You may download the software from the iOS and Android app stores, so compatibility should not be an issue.

Devices running iOS and Android can both use the app.

You won’t have any trouble using the app since it’s also quite simple to use. Even if there are sometimes problems, I think the overall user experience is typically good.

Who’s up for some Frisbee?

Frisbee is exclusive to the United States. This app isn’t for you if you reside someplace else, then. You must be of legal age (at least 18) in order to register.

You have to install the app before you can register. The registration procedure will then be shown when you launch the app for the first time. The registration process isn’t too complicated, so it should go quickly.

Once the registration process is complete, you may log in and finish creating your profile on the app. You will get points for completing this section, thus you cannot skip it. You may begin making money as soon as your profile is created.

Are you able to receive assistance?

There isn’t a FAQ or Help page available on the app’s website. Therefore, you should visit the app’s Help area if you have any queries in order to see if you can get the answers you need.

If the answers you seek are not available, you may email the support staff at to get in touch with them. In general, I believe the app gives users the bare minimum of help since it makes it simple to get in touch with them.

To help you learn more about the app before you install it, it would have been preferable if the app’s website had a FAQ or Help page. I think that would improve the user experience overall.

Last Word

You may be paid to scan receipts using the genuine receipt-scanning app Frisbee. It contains a few respectable features, but you should be aware of its restrictions.

I’ve outlined the benefits and drawbacks for you to have a thorough understanding of what it has to offer before making a decision.

Advantages: Provides an easy method to get prizes.

The application is easy to use.

Cons: No cash payment options      

Poor returns

I think Frisbee is a decent software for scanning receipts. But it’s also not all that good. Because of the few benefits it delivers, it will take some time to make a significant sum from it. It also doesn’t accept payments with cash. Prepaid Visa cards are the closest thing you can come to cash rewards.

Thus, instead of going elsewhere for a fantastic strategy to get additional money, I advise you to check out the best survey and GPT websites in your nation. Compared to Frisbee, all of the applications and websites on this list offer a far higher earning potential. As a result, you will be able to make a sizable sum of money quickly.

Furthermore, no matter where you reside, you will undoubtedly discover a website or app that you can use.

Please leave a remark below if you have any thoughts, queries, or experiences with Frisbee.

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