With Hintsters, you may be paid to write reviews.

With Hintsters, you may be paid to write reviews.

With Hintsters, an exclusive rewards platform, you can be paid to complete surveys and write evaluations of different goods and services. The website’s tagline, “Reviews + Surveys = Rewards,” encapsulates what you may anticipate, but is the effort worthwhile? Read this Hinsters review to find out.

An overview of the past

The California-based business Dale Network, Inc. is the owner of Hintsters, which has been running in its present configuration since 2020. Anyone over the age of 13 may sign up for a free account on the website, where they may share their ideas in return for points that can be redeemed for cash.

Starting to Use Hintsters

You must create a profile before you can begin earning points. An email address, password, and a few other personal data, such your address, are needed for this.

A $5 welcome incentive is given to new members, which might assist you in reaching your first pay out.

After creating your profile, you are able to begin receiving incentives.

How Hintsters Operates

Hintsters offers two methods for earning points: answering online questionnaires and posting product and service evaluations.

Complete surveys to get money.

You may see online surveys from your account homepage. They range in duration from one to twenty minutes, with longer polls awarding more scores. Completing a paid survey typically takes fifteen minutes on average.

After completing a few surveys, click the “My Account” tab to see the points you have accrued.

You will get an email alert once new surveys are made available. Marking emails as “not spam” or from a “safe sender” can help to prevent them from ending up in your spam folder. By doing this, you can be sure that no profitable survey chances slip through the cracks and wind up in your trash mail.

Earn money by writing reviews

You may write reviews for a variety of goods and services, such as restaurants, lodging, applications, movies, TV series, books, and games, and you can be paid to do so by visiting the Hintsters webpage. There’s a fair amount of goods and services that you may post evaluations for.

Just enter the product or service you want to evaluate (for example, “car wash”) and your city’s name in the “Near to” box. Next, press the button for search. Click the “Add a Listing” button if you are unable to see the name of the item you like to evaluate.

How much you get paid will depend on how great your written review is. Your earning potential will rise if you provide a thorough, objective evaluation that covers the good and bad aspects of your experience. Furthermore, you have the option to add images and videos of any goods you’re evaluating, which will raise your point total.

The differences between surveys and reviews

You may be wondering how completing a survey and writing a review on Hinsters vary from one another.

The distinction is that surveys usually don’t focus on a good or service of your choice. Frequently, the organisation conducting the survey isn’t immediately apparent since generic inquiries like your favoured product attributes, purchasing habits, and so forth may be asked rather than your particular feedback on a particular item. Additionally, online surveys include multiple choice, grid, and scale questions (e.g., score something on a scale of 1 to 10), which provide a predetermined, organised method of gathering response.

There aren’t many restrictions on leaving reviews other from the obvious ones, like using foul language or being threatening. You are free to express your thoughts in a review in any way you feel suitable, whether that be via a narrative, a list of advantages and disadvantages, or something else entirely. Furthermore, evaluations are highly focused on a particular product, service, business, etc., in contrast to surveys, which sometimes seek to compile data at a more “macro” level.

Hintsters’ incentives

When you get enough points, you may trade them in for a PayPal cash transfer. You will need to open up a PayPal account in order to receive payment. Once this is finished, or if you already have one, just go to “My Account” and input your PayPal payment address.

You may request a cash payout after you have enough points to cover the $25 minimum required for a withdrawal. The processing and delivery of your redemption request to your PayPal account may take three to four weeks.

Pros and Cons of Hintsters

Advantages: Hintsters is accessible globally and is free to use.

Get a $5 welcome bonus as soon as your email is verified.

Make money using PayPal

Earn money by writing reviews—this is a special chance

Get more credit for giving your evaluations more specificity.


There are only two ways to gain points on Hintsters: filling out surveys and creating reviews.

Because there is a $25 minimum withdrawal, it can take some time to pay out your profit.

Up to four weeks may pass before you get your money.

Your account will be permanently cancelled and your points will be forfeited if it remains inactive for two years.

Hintsters can only be accessible via its website; there isn’t a smartphone app available.

Hinsters evaluate the outcome

Few websites, either specifically or generally, offer to pay you for writing reviews. Hinsters might be an excellent choice for you if you like sharing your thoughts on the goods and services you utilise. If not, you could find that the website’s earning options—taking surveys and posting reviews—are too limited.

Though Hintsters offers a hefty $5 sign-up bonus, the $25 withdrawal requirement is greater than other sites, so it may not be the best option if you’re looking for a fast method to earn some quick cash. However, one alluring aspect of Hintsters that some users may find appealing is that you are paid directly for your thoughts, as opposed to obtaining things like gift cards.

Hintsters substitutes

If you don’t believe Hintsters will be useful to you, have a look at these somewhat comparable websites:

Take surveys, view videos, finish offers, and do a lot more on PrizeRebel to earn cash and a huge selection of gift cards.

Consider Branded Surveys if you want to concentrate on surveys. They provide a $1 sign-up bonus, a cheap $5 minimum pay out, and an abundance of surveys at all times.

Opinion Outpost: Would you rather test a product? Check out Opinion Outpost; they provide cash prizes for surveys and product testing.

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