Six Ways to Get Money Online Without Completing Surveys

Six Ways to Get Money Online Without Completing Surveys

Even those without any special aptitude may find plenty of ways to generate money on the internet. There are many other methods to earn money online, but one of the most efficient (and inclusive) ways to do it without the need for any specialised knowledge is to do paid online surveys.

Here’s a list of more easy online income streams that don’t need survey completion. You won’t need any special abilities to generate money, but perseverance and dedication will be helpful since the more hours you work, the more money you may earn.

Here are some of our top ways to get money that don’t need completing surveys.

How to get income online without doing surveys

Often referred to as “get-paid-to” (GPT) websites, here are some of our top picks for paid survey websites. This is because, in addition to surveys, they provide their users with a variety of other activities that allow them to earn money.

In the event that you would rather decline surveys, these websites provide their consumers with other opportunities to make money online:

1. Engage in internet gaming

Many individuals would consider being paid to play online games to be their ideal job, and it can be a lot of fun! The drawback is that you won’t be paid nearly as much as someone who works as a professional game tester or as someone who completes surveys on these websites.

However, if you like playing video games on your computer, you may as well do it on a website that will compensate you for the enjoyment.

One of the most well-known GPT websites, Swagbucks, will give you 10SB (around $0.10) after you finish a game of Pyramid Solitaire, Mahjongg Dimension, or Alu’s Revenge 2.

Many GPT sites will also pay you for installing mobile gaming applications and/or making in-game purchases inside these apps, however you’re not likely to get excited by that amount of money. As you progress through the game, you may sometimes get additional benefits (ySense often does this). You now have a financial incentive to continue playing.

If you want to waste time while waiting in queue or when you have some spare minutes, this is the ideal time to play a fast game of Raid Shadow Legends or something similar.

2. Examine the offer walls

On GPT websites, offer walls often provide some of the largest payouts; yet, many sites need a payment before you can access them. However, there are certain chances to get credits for free, which may then be redeemed for prizes.

An excellent illustration of these two kinds of offer barriers is QuickRewards. As part of its Shop and Save programme, members of this website may earn up to 25% cashback paid in credits at thousands of participating merchants. On the other hand, participating in free trials or trying out free samples of new items also earns you rewards.

In some cases, participation may require you to provide personal information to third parties, including your phone number or email address. When accepting an offer, always read the conditions carefully and utilise a backup email account for these kinds of correspondence.

Bonus advice: Subscribe to offers for goods and services you would really use and purchase.

3. Report online activity

This is the closest thing to being paid for doing nothing at all. Many smartphone applications exist that will compensate you just by allowing them to monitor (anonymized) how often you use the internet. As some of these applications can be accessed as browser extensions, you may use your desktop computer or laptop to participate as well.

Because it’s one of the highest paid applications, MobileXpression is among the most widely used. After installing the app for two weeks, UK users will get a £20 Amazon voucher. After a week, users in the US will get $5. That’s not bad for installing a little software that you won’t even realise is there.

4. Look it up online

Instead of paying you to use Google, Bing, or any other search engine, there are GPT websites that will pay you to use theirs. It’s an additional method of being paid for performing something you would undoubtedly be doing otherwise.

Among the websites that pays you to search the internet is Swagbucks. This is almost easy because of the browser plugin. In the meanwhile, you may be paid to click on additional advertisements that are added to your current search results by using the Qmee browser extension! In actuality, pushing a button earns you money.

5. View videos

You may be paid to view videos on some GPT websites. You should anticipate seeing less of them than you would while playing online games since they are mostly product ads. But as passive as it gets when it comes to earning money online, this is it. It’s okay if your mind wanders—you won’t be tested on what you just watched—because you will still get payment for taking part.

6. Earn incentives for referrals

referrals: The majority of GPT websites provide a referral programme in which you may get points for each friend you recommend. Usually, they’ll ask you to share with your friends and acquaintances using a special referral code or link.

Your referral incentive may sometimes be a fixed rate. In other cases, you’ll get a lifetime payment that ranges from 10 to 30 percent of the revenue of your referral!

You may earn a tonne of money by promoting a favourable review of a GPT website on social media that includes your referral link. See the details of each program’s online offerings by visiting our list of GPT referral programmes.

Best GPT websites to use to get money besides surveys

For our comprehensive evaluations, click the links below; alternatively, you may browse the whole list of top GPT programmes.

Swagbucks. This is one of the most well-known GPT websites on the internet, in large part because of the abundance of lucrative opportunities and prizes available.

Rewards. You may get money on this website by playing games, viewing movies, doing surveys, and making referrals. Its selection of games is especially impressive when compared to those of other websites. Only citizens of the USA, Australia, and New Zealand are eligible to receive rewards.

QuickRewards Network. You may earn prizes by playing games, viewing movies, browsing the web, and introducing friends in addition to its Offer Wall. Residents exclusively in the US and Canada.

Qmee. Search results from the Qmee browser plugin include more than simply sponsored links. Additionally, it may look for coupon codes when you purchase online. Links to paid surveys are also included. You may earn $1 for each person you suggest who makes a withdrawal using Qmee, which has no withdrawal limits. Presumably essential.

Making money without having to do surveys

We believe that GPT websites provide some of the simplest and most entertaining ways to earn money online. They provide an engaging interface for making money, are free to join, and are accessible to people worldwide.

GPT sites are an excellent choice if you like earning rewards online but dislike doing surveys. Though there isn’t much of a “get rich quick” plan, the labour is honest and well-paying, and admittance isn’t too difficult.

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