Review of Mystery Shoppers: Is It Real? (Complete Specifics + Grade)

Review of Mystery Shoppers: Is It Real? (Complete Specifics + Grade)

This surprise shopping website, surprise Shoppers, is not awful. But it’s also not all that good. Its primary disadvantage is that it provides little possibilities for earning, making it difficult to anticipate consistent income from it.

A website called Mystery Shoppers makes the idea that you may make money while shopping. I suggest reading this Mystery Shoppers review in its entirety if you think this sort of opportunity sounds intriguing.

It will display all of the site’s features so you can determine whether or not it is legitimate. In addition, you will be well aware of what to anticipate from it before to enrolling.

After that, you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether or not this website is worthwhile.

What does Mystery Shoppers provide and what is it?

As the name implies, Mystery Shoppers is a mystery shopping website that allows you to get money by doing mystery shopping activities. Indeed, it is legitimate since the options it presents really allow you to make money.

However, this does not imply that Mystery Shoppers is a “must-join.” You have to know how it operates in order to determine if it is worth it. The only way to do that is to look at the earning potential it provides so you can determine how much time and work it will take and how well you can earn from it.

Here is how you profit from mystery shoppers, then.

The source of income: Assignments

You will get access to local mystery shopping assignments as soon as you join up as a mystery shopper. You need to login into the member dashboard in order to see the assignments. After that, you’ll be able to see every mystery shopping job available in your neighbourhood.

In order to work on one, you have to apply. Simply click on the project that piques your interest to see the specifics on how to do it. Every task has a beginning and an end date. It will also let you know how much money you’ll need to finish it.

Then, you’ll need to specify the day you intend to work on it when you apply for it. Your application will be reviewed by the website when it is submitted, and you should hear back from them about it within a day or two.

The only thing left to do is complete the tasks by the deadline you specified in your application, if it is approved.

If you want to make money from this website, you have to accept mystery shopping projects that need you to complete evaluations.

The majority of the assignments you’ll need to complete are evaluation activities. You will be required to complete these examinations in person, over the phone, or online, as the image above illustrates. You may sometimes be requested to record videos as well.

However, online and over-the-phone examinations are by far the most popular. You must now turn in all of the deliverables by 9 PM on the specified date after finishing the assignments on that day.

The website has the right to reject your entry if you don’t submit it within that time frame. It is crucial to always submit deliverables on time since failing to do so will result in you not receiving the reward for finishing the task.

One of the items you must turn in is the evaluation form. To access the form, log in to the site’s dashboard and look for the assignment you completed.

Now, if your assignment requires you to make purchases, be sure to save the receipt as you will need it to have your costs repaid. Therefore, develop the practice of saving each receipt you get from a mystery shopping job, whether it comes from our website or any other.

You only need to wait for Mystery Shoppers to accept your submission after submitting your deliverables. Upon logging onto the dashboard, you will be able to see the status of every assignment that you have completed. Should it be accepted, you will get the guaranteed prize. I will go over how you will be compensated in the next part.

During my examination, I saw that there weren’t many tasks offered on this website. That’s to be anticipated since, in my experience, where you reside typically determines what assignments are available (more on this later).

How are you compensated?

You will get payment straight into your bank account within 28 days of finishing each job. You will receive a specified amount for each assignment you complete. If you would rather not provide your bank information to the website, Mystery Shoppers does have an alternative payment option.

An additional handy payment option is to accept payments using PayPal. You may withdraw your profits without waiting to earn a certain amount since the service doesn’t have a criterion that you need to meet.

As previously stated, if your assignment requires you to make purchases, you will get payment back as long as you turn in the receipt.

All things considered, Mystery Shoppers’ payment scheme is really simple. Its flexible payment options are appealing to me. I advise you to also look at the best websites that accept direct bank transfers if you’re looking for other websites with a practical payment option.

What is your potential income?

Your ability to finish tasks on time will largely determine how much money you may make from Mystery Shoppers. However, as I’ve already shown, the majority of tasks will depend on where you reside.

My experience tells me that large cities have the majority of the options. It will thus be very difficult for you to obtain possibilities to earn if you dwell in a tiny town.

The length and difficulty of the job will also have an impact on how much you can make per one. You will often just make between £10 and £20 if it doesn’t take long to finish. You should anticipate earning much more for jobs that take a lot longer to do.

Overall, even if the website pays well for each job, I wouldn’t say that it has a very high earning potential, mostly due to the limited number of chances. That being said, you shouldn’t count on making money from this site consistently.

Use it on a mobile device?

The benefit of Mystery Shoppers is that you may apply for assignments without needing to sit in front of a computer thanks to its mobile app. Users of iOS and Android may download the software, thus compatibility should not be an issue.

(The application is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.)

All of the functions found in the web-based platform are also accessible via the app, which is comparatively straightforward to use. When taking on assignments, the app may be really helpful since you can just log in and review the instructions if you happen to forget to do any of the chores.

It offers a generally enjoyable user experience, which is all I think a mobile mystery shopping app could ask for.

For whom is Mystery Shoppers open?

Although anybody may join up as a member, it is mostly restricted to residents of the United Kingdom. This app isn’t for you if you reside someplace else, then.

(You must first enter your email address in order to join up.)

You have to first complete the registration form in order to become a member. After you’ve finished, Mystery Shoppers will email you a link for verification. To complete the registration procedure, just click the provided link.

After doing this, you may begin applying for assignments by logging onto the member dashboard. It’s a rather easy procedure that should just take a few minutes to complete.

Are you able to receive assistance?

You should first visit the FAQ page if you have any issues about the website or your account. It covers the majority of the essential subjects you should be aware of about mystery shoppers. You may contact the support staff if you are unable to locate the answers you want.

Last Word

Taking on mystery shopping projects might earn you money. Mystery Shoppers is a legitimate mystery shopping website. It offers a few useful functions, but you also need to be aware of its restrictions.

I have listed its advantages and disadvantages so you can easily see what it has to offer and use that information to make your choice.


provides easy ways to pay

No maximum payment amount


restricted options for earning

rather lengthy wait period before being paid

I think Mystery Shoppers is a decent mystery shopping website. But it’s also not all that good. Its primary disadvantage is that it provides little possibilities for earning, making it difficult to anticipate consistent income from it.

As long as you are able to join, of course, I would advise you to utilise this site as a backup choice. I think it may be a great supplemental site to make money from.

Now, I advise you to look at the best survey and GPT sites in your nation if you’re searching for reliable alternatives to get additional money. All of the websites on this list have a respectable earning potential, so you may make a respectable income from them rather rapidly.

Plus, no matter where you reside, you will undoubtedly discover a website you can sign up for.

Please leave a remark below if you have any thoughts, queries, or experiences with mystery shoppers.

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