Lei Jun: The Xiaomi SU7 standard edition has significantly more settings than the Model 3. Pricing is under some pressure.

Lei Jun: The Xiaomi SU7 standard edition has significantly more settings than the Model 3. Pricing is under some pressure.

Leidi.com Lotte 21 March

On March 28, 2024, Xiaomi Automobile will formally go public. Additionally, Lei Jun, the company’s creator, has started to speak out often on behalf of Xiaomi Automobile.

Lei Jun said today that he has heard indications that Tesla may increase pricing starting on April 1. What a fantastic company Tesla is. I really respect this: with the present level of competition in the electric car industry, only Tesla is willing to hike prices.

You may not be very aware of the tram’s price. Except for Tesla, many pure trams now experience significant losses.

Lei Jun said that he had just seen Tesla’s financial report, which showed that the company sold 1.81 million cars in 2023—nearly all of them Model 3/Ys—with a 96.77 billion US dollar revenue and an 8.89 billion US dollar operating profit. Even with its enormous size and excellent operational efficiency, Tesla only makes 9.2% profit.

The cost of the Model 3 is presently $24,500. The financial report’s approximate calculation of the operational profit margin indicates that it will also need a price of 223,000 yuan to be essentially flattened.

Lei Jun noted that a lot of people are especially worried about the Xiaomi SU7’s price and provided an explanation. The Xiaomi SU7 standard edition has solid materials and a configuration that much surpasses that of the Model 3. However, in the beginning of the product launch, the procurement cost is also quite costly.

Pricing is under some pressure, yes. I’m hoping you can get the idea. However, we will undoubtedly provide everyone a sense of excellent value for their money.”

On the conference call yesterday, Xiaomi President Lu Weibing also disclosed that the Xiaomi SU7 is a C-class high-performance eco-tech sedan with exceptional performance, configuration, and experience. It will cost a little bit more, but after seeing the March 28 press conference, I think everyone will be able to afford it.

Many customers have recently visited the Xiaomi SU7, and images of the smartphone at Wuhan University’s Cherry Garden have also gone viral online.

Lei Jun has previously said, “Our goal is to create a vehicle that is on par with the dreams of Porsche and Tesla, not just a mediocre vehicle.

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