Review of Weekshot App: Is It Worth Using? (Discover the Reality)

Review of Weekshot App: Is It Worth Using? (Discover the Reality)

Weekshot is not the best choice if you’re looking for an app that will allow you to make money, mostly since it doesn’t guarantee revenue. You will struggle to discover value in this app since its AI programme is also not very accurate.

An app called Weekshot makes the promise that you may make money by using its AI programme to create photographs.

I can understand your consideration to download this app, since it’s a rather intriguing method of earning money.

But before you do anything else, I strongly advise you to read this Weekshot app review, which will reveal the real functionality of the app. In this manner, before you even install it, you’ll know precisely what to anticipate from it.

After that, you may decide whether employing it is really worthwhile or not. Now let’s get started.

What does Weekshot provide, and what is it?

Using its AI (artificial intelligence), the Weekshot app allows you to make photos. Now, you have to know how it operates if you want to know whether it is worth your time. To achieve so, we need to look at the earning potential it provides so you can see how much time and work it will take to make money from it.

Option 1: AI Image Generation

Creating photos using Weekshot’s AI programme is the primary method of earning money from the platform. To access the AI ArtWorks component of the app, just log in. After that, you’ll be prompted to choose the picture style you want to create.

Simply choose your favourite and provide your suggestion for the image’s appearance. I chose to create a picture of a monkey with sunglasses on a beach for the film up top. After completing that, all you need to do is click the Create ArtWork button.

(To possibly win, you have to use its AI to create photographs and submit them to competitions.)

You will then need to watch through a video advertisement in order to continue. You’ll have to wait a long time since the advertisement usually takes 30 seconds to complete. You’ll see the picture that the programme created after the advertisement is complete.

Now, the app’s poor AI was the first thing I noticed when I tried it. The resulting picture has a few of strange things in it. Thus, in my view, it’s not a very accurate AI. Because of its inaccuracy, you should not use it to personally produce photos. If, however, you are not happy with the present picture, you may re-generate one. Just remember that it’s not something you can accomplish fast since the programme needs some time to build a picture.

You may upload the produced picture to the contest gallery on the app. This is one way that creating pictures might earn you money. The picture you created must be entered into one of their competitions. These competitions have a certain amount of WSC (the app’s money) as a reward.

Following your click to “post,” your picture will be added to the waiting list with all of the other artwork submissions. Submissions will then be chosen at random by the app, so there’s no assurance you can enter the competition.

This is this opportunity’s biggest disadvantage, in my view. It doesn’t promise financial success. Furthermore, you won’t be aware of how long it will take the app to accept your submission. You will only be able to find out whether your photograph is among the submissions by checking the contest.

Since these competitions take place every week, you don’t have much time to create a picture that you may submit. Regarding how the contest winner is selected, participants may choose the picture they believe to be the best each time. The winner is the one who receives the most votes.

It is thus imperative that you create a picture that would grab the members’ interest. In general, I would argue that this is not the best method to make money since there is no assurance that you will even enter the contest, much less win. Therefore, it’s possible that you won’t enter the contest and will simply be spending your time creating photographs.

Option 2: Image Rating

Rating photos that other app users have uploaded is reportedly another method to get money with this app. Simply visit the Weekshot competitions area to see every photo that members have contributed.

(You may also be able to get money by giving users’ photographs a rating.)

Simply pick a picture and choose your rating after that. Your decision on the image’s rating is essentially irrelevant. You may therefore just rank it based on your own preferences. Additionally, you’ll see pop-up advertisements while doing this, which you must watch through to continue.

Here’s the problem about this chance, however. It still doesn’t promise financial success. The only thing this opportunity offers is the possibility of winning WSC. That may seem easy enough, but the catch is that before you can enter to win a gift, you must rate a large number of images—roughly 150 for new users.

While rating a picture, it may seem simple, but you must remember that you will be watching an advertisement. Thus, the time required to do this task may accumulate. It’s not the best way to make money, in my view, since it requires a lot of labour for an uncertain reward.

How are you compensated?

As previously mentioned, the app provides earning options via which you may be able to earn WSC. What can you do with these coins, is the question now? As you may see from the picture below, you can use them to redeem a variety of incentives.

(With the money you make from the app, you may exchange it for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.)

PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards may be redeemed. You must have 499 WSC or more in order to be eligible for a $1 Amazon gift card. To make PayPal withdrawals, you must have a minimum of 4,390 WSC. It will be valued at $10.

In general, I would say that Weekshot’s payout structure is really simple. Its availability of a practical payment option like PayPal appeals to me. Redeeming awards from this app is not that simple, despite its straightforward payment methods (I’ll explain why in the following section).

Now, I advise you to look at the highest paying websites if you’re searching for applications or websites that will enable you to swiftly and simply withdraw your cash.

What is your potential income?

As previously said, the primary issue with this programme is that it doesn’t guarantee profits, therefore it will take a while to accumulate enough points to be eligible for any rewards.

To earn enough WSC to redeem even a $1 Amazon gift card, you’ll need to create and rate a lot of photos. I think it would be preferable for you to concentrate your time on applications or websites that promise revenues that are guaranteed.

It is for this reason that I believe this software has very little revenue potential. If it provided a surefire method to accrue prizes, I would rate it differently.

Is it compatible with a desktop?

To make money on Weekshot, you must have a mobile device since it is a mobile-only site. Regarding the app, as I checked, it now has an iOS version as well. I knew from the video earlier in this review that it is solely accessible for Android users.

(The application is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.)

The software may be a little overwhelming the first time you log in, so I wouldn’t say it’s user-friendly. Before you can determine what has to be done in order to earn, you must go over every component of the software. With most other online rewards systems, you’ll know exactly how much you can make from the beginning.

Moreover, this programme will constantly assault you with advertisements. There is such a thing as too many adverts, in my view, even if I understand why the app does it (that’s how they make money). Because of this, the overall user experience that it offers is not very good.

Who is eligible to participate in Weekshot?

Although I can’t find any specific country information on the app, it seems to be accessible in a number of them. Searching for this app in your app store is the easiest method to find out whether you can join it. It is accessible in your country if you are able to download it.

You have to install the app in order to join up. It then just takes a few seconds to complete the registration procedure when you launch the app for the first time. After completing the registration process, you may open the app and begin making money.

Are you able to receive assistance?

There isn’t a FAQ or Help page available on the app’s website. Therefore, the Help area inside the app is where you should go to get the answers you need if you have any queries regarding it or your account. You may just contact the support staff if you are unable to locate what you are searching for.

You may reach them directly via email at, or you can use the contact form that the app offers. Overall, because the app gives you a handy option to seek for help, I would conclude that it does provide its users the minimal amount of support that is necessary.

But, I do wish the app’s website had a Help or FAQ section so you could have a basic understanding of how the programme works. Additionally, it could lessen the need for support contact requests.

Last Word

With the use of the smartphone app Weekshot, you may rate other members’ photos or create AI pictures to perhaps win incentives. It offers a few good features, but you should be mindful of its restrictions.

I have listed its advantages and disadvantages so you can easily see what it has to offer and use that information to make your choice.


provides a practical way to make payments


doesn’t ensure financial success

It seems a little spammy.

Unfriendly to users

Weekshot is not the best choice if you’re looking for an app that will allow you to make money, mostly since it doesn’t guarantee revenue. Furthermore, I don’t think its AI software is all that accurate. It will thus be difficult for you to discover value in this programme.

For this reason, if you’re searching for fantastic approaches to get additional money, I would advise you to check out the best survey and GPT websites in your nation. All of the websites and applications on this list promise earnings and have strong earning potential. As a result, you may make a respectable income fast.

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