Is Catalant a Scam or Legit? (A Close Exam)

Is Catalant a Scam or Legit? (A Close Exam)

Not everyone should use Catalant. Joining this site should only be done by seasoned consultants. This is due to the fact that if you lack the knowledge and expertise to impress customers, you will struggle to get employment possibilities.

A website called Catalant makes the promise that you can grow your consulting practice using their platform, which is ideal whether you’re a consultant trying to expand your clientele or are simply searching for a way to make some additional money.

Although the promise seems tempting, is Catalant a real company or a fraud?

In addition to answering your question, our Catalant review will provide you with a thorough overview of the website’s features so you can decide what to anticipate from it before you ever join up. You can then accurately assess whether or not this is the correct opportunity for you.

So, are you ready to begin?

What does Catalant provide, and what is it?

A website called Catalant focuses on offering advisory services to customers. You must provide advisory services to the site’s customers in order to make money from it. And because you can really make money from it, the website is legitimate.

That does not imply, however, that it is worth your time. You have to know how it operates first in order to decide whether or not to register. To help you understand how much time and effort will be required to profit from it, we must first look at the earning possibilities it presents.

Here is how you profit from Catalant, then.

The potential for income – Projects

Accepting jobs that customers submit is the only way to make money on this website. However, in order to do this, you must first finish your profile (see the image below).

(Applying to become an expert is a prerequisite for working on consulting assignments.)

This is a crucial stage since it will demonstrate to potential customers your talents and abilities. To put it simply, this is what gets you projects. Thus, while creating your profile, make sure it is accurate and comprehensive.

Once this stage is completed, you may access the member dashboard and submit project applications. Simply go to the dashboard’s Projects area, find any project that piques your attention, and click it. You will then be able to examine all of the project’s specifics.

Projects on Catalant may now be classified as either fixed-rate or variable-rate. As the name implies, fixed-rate projects will only provide you a certain sum of money. On the other side, you will be paid per hour for jobs with variable rates.

Given that Catalant is a website offering consulting services, you should anticipate being required to provide consulting services to clients when applying for projects. Clients on this website are often searching for financial, business, and marketing consultancy services.

Therefore, it will be difficult for you to locate possibilities to generate money if your area of expertise is not one of the three listed above. Now, just apply for a project if you are interested in it. After that, you’ll need to turn in your pitch.

The customer will set up a Zoom interview with you to work out the specifics if they are interested in employing you. You may bargain with the customer over every aspect of the project at this phase (such as the timeframe, cost, etc.). A contract will be created as soon as you and the customer come to an agreement. You have to accept the contract in order to begin working on the project.

After then, all that’s left to do is supply the assistance that is demanded of you. Upon finishing a project, you will be required to create a timesheet. This will function as the bill. You won’t need to worry about how to create a timesheet since Catalant will walk you through the process. The timesheet will be reviewed by the customer after submission, and if it is accepted, you will be paid.

I will go over how you will be compensated in the next part. It was difficult to find a project to earn from when I tried the site since there weren’t many assignments offered. I think you should count yourself fortunate if you get a project once a month.

How are you compensated?

You will get payment for each job you finish. And as previously said, you will be paid if your customer accepts the timesheet you sent in. How can you take your profits out at this point?

Payoneer is a payment option that Catalant provides for experts, so you may use it to withdraw your money. It’s advantageous that you may simply withdraw the money you make from projects since you are not required to earn a minimum quantity to do so.

You should be informed, nevertheless, that Catalant will deduct a 25%–30% fee from your gains. Thus, don’t count on getting the whole sum. I think that’s a rather high price, but considering that Catalant provides this service for free, it makes sense. In order for them to profit, they have to take a cut from your income.

All things considered, Catalant’s payment procedure is really straightforward. Its easy payment mechanism is one of its many features that I adore.

What is your potential income?

Since you choose how much you can make for each job, you may make a respectable living from the ones you finish. Catalant will deduct their costs from your profits, therefore you will need to modify your rate appropriately. In order to ensure that you are paid fairly, you should always provide a charge to the customer that includes the Catalant fee.

According to Catalant, its customers don’t care about the amount of money. Their primary concern is the quality of the services provided. Nevertheless, as was already said, there aren’t many projects accessible. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to identify ways to make money from this website.

For this reason, I believe this website doesn’t have a very high earning potential. As I previously said, you should count yourself fortunate if you get a project once a month.

Use it on a mobile device?

Although Catalant does not have a mobile app, you may use a mobile device to view the member dashboard since the website is mobile-friendly. Regarding the task at hand, because you will be offering advisory services, you should anticipate holding a video chat with the customer.

Using Catalant’s platform is required for this, although using it on a mobile device might be challenging. Thus, in order to prevent technical issues, it is advised that you speak with clients using your desktop or laptop. Using a computer is also, in my view, much more convenient.

Who is eligible to join Catalant?

Although the website doesn’t specify which nations it is accessible in, it seems to be accessible everywhere. Nonetheless, the majority of consumers like collaborating with professionals who reside in their own nation. Furthermore, the majority of Catalant’s clientele are US-based.

For this reason, I would advise you to sign up for our site only if you are a US resident. In this manner, your chances of getting projects would be increased.

(Before submitting an application to become a consulting expert, you must complete the registration form.)

Enrolling is a rather simple procedure. Simply complete the registration form and create a password that is compatible with the website (you can tell whether your password is compatible by watching for the bar to turn green). You’ll get an email with a confirmation link after completing this step.

Remember to click the link in order to finish the registration process. This is when the tricky part starts. You must apply to become an expert after you have finished the registration process. As previously said, you need to create your profile.

You must carefully choose the details you put in your profile for this phase. It is also necessary for you to provide your LinkedIn profile. Essentially, you have to demonstrate to Catalant that you are able to provide high-caliber consulting services. Simply said, you need to be an authority in a particular consulting service (such as business, finance, or crisis management).

You may submit your application after creating your profile. Catalant will evaluate it over the course of a few days, so don’t anticipate a response right away. Once your application has been accepted, you may access the dashboard and begin submitting project applications.

Are you able to receive assistance?

You may visit the website’s Helpdesk if you have any queries about the site or your account. It covers every significant subject you should be aware of about the website. It also provides you with a number of tools to assist you become a more proficient Catalant specialist.

You may now log in to the Helpdesk and open a support request if you still can’t locate the answers you need. All things considered, I would conclude that the website does provide its users respectable support since it gives them an easy option to request assistance.

Last Word

Catalant is a genuine website that enables you to make money by offering advisory services to different customers. It has a few positive aspects, but there are also some negatives that you should take into account.

I have listed its advantages and disadvantages so you can easily see what it has to offer and use that information to make your choice.


provides a practical way to make payments

For the services you provide, you are free to choose your own fee.


needs a certain amount of expertise and experience to get

has an expensive service charge

I think not everyone is a good fit for Catalant. Joining this site should only be done by seasoned consultants. This is due to the fact that if you lack the knowledge and expertise to impress customers, you will struggle to get employment possibilities.

However, if you are one, this could work well for you. Just keep in mind that there aren’t many possibilities to earn on this site, so don’t expect to gain consistently. It may be thought of as an additional platform for service promotion.

Now, I advise you to go through this comprehensive tutorial on how to generate money online if you want to advertise your consulting business without the use of a third-party website. It will teach you how to create your own internet company so you may work from home and make a living entirely at your own pace.

Please leave a remark below if you have any thoughts, queries, or experiences using Catalant.

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