Kenya’s Top 5 Online Survey Jobs

Kenya’s Top 5 Online Survey Jobs

Finding online survey work in Kenya has not always been simple since, traditionally, companies have not placed much value on the views of Kenyan customers. But as Kenyans’ economy has expanded and they have gotten wealthier, there has been an increase in demand for Kenyan perspectives.

In the past, most websites that offered paid surveys in Kenya either didn’t allow registration at all or didn’t make any surveys accessible after you joined up.

But things are starting to change here. There are now a few trustworthy websites where Kenyans may earn a consistent income by completing surveys and doing other jobs.

Our list of the top resources for Kenyans looking for online survey employment is provided below.

What are careers that include internet surveys?

How they operate

You may earn money by participating in online surveys and giving your thoughts on survey websites.

Customer feedback is very important since it enables companies to better tailor their marketing and product offerings to their target market. For this reason, a large number of businesses worldwide collaborate with market research organisations to develop consumer surveys.

How much money you can make

To get this data, the majority of companies pay market research organisations substantial fees; a portion of this money is utilised to compensate survey respondents.

These customers often register for paid survey websites, where they may earn credits that can be redeemed for incentives. Usually, these incentives come in the form of gift cards, PayPal payments, or coupons for mobile airtime.

Daily users of paid survey websites may rapidly accrue credits and make frequent claims for prizes.

Kenyan online survey jobs: suggested websites

These are the top five websites that come highly recommended while looking for online survey jobs in Kenya.

1.TGM Panel

TGM Panel is a rapidly expanding paid survey platform that provides surveys to users in more than 80 countries worldwide.

One of these nations is Kenya, and TGM Panel is among the best resources for a steady supply of online survey employment in Kenya.

After earning merely $10 in credits, you may cash out from this website. Options for cashing out include Amazon gift cards, PayPal money, and more. After a request, payments are sent out within 72 hours.

2.Turned-On Surveys

SwitchedOn Surveys is a survey website with an African emphasis and basis. Only citizens of South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are eligible.

Because the surveys are usually rather brief, you can do them whenever you have a few minutes to spare and earn credits fast.

While some surveys provide monetary incentives, others give credits that may be used to purchase gift cards at retail stores. Make sure you only respond to surveys in order to get the prizes you want, since some merely provide airtime credits or entry into the website’s contests.

Kenyan merchants Cloud9, Vivo, Telkom, Taimba, Safaricom, Mepesa, Mama Rocks, Imax, Airtel, and Game are among those that have worked with SwitchedOn Surveys.

3.Survey Duration

SurveyTime promises to pay you $1 USD instantly for each paid survey you finish. You have the option to receive them as PayPal payments, cryptocurrency deposits, or Amazon gift cards. Many people are drawn to the platform because of its simplicity and the fact that anybody may register from anywhere in the globe.

Although members from certain countries are likely to have more survey possibilities, this website has proven profitable for many Kenyans, making it a good option for a survey work in Kenya.


PrizeRebel is referred to be a “Get Paid To” (GPT) website since it provides a variety of online activities that have the potential to earn you credits and prizes. The majority of the PrizeRebel experience consists of paid surveys, but you can also earn credits by viewing movies, signing up for free trials, entering free social network coupons, and more.

If you use the site often, you should be able to swap credits for PayPal payments and store gift cards. If you are a regular user, your rewards should arrive right away.

Another well-known GPT website that is available for Kenyans to join is This website provides several ways for you to earn credits. In addition, you may earn by viewing videos of people taking advantage of the free trials or purchases available on its “Offer Wall.”

Once you have merely $1 USD in your account balance, you may withdraw your credits as a PayPal payment. Withdrawals may alternatively be made as deposits into cryptocurrency wallets or as retail gift cards.

Those who take online survey tasks seriously may find that this company pays a substantial points bonus to its top 20 active users each quarter.

In summary

With the rise in survey possibilities for Kenyans and the ability to earn extra money by doing online surveys, there has never been a better moment to discover an online survey job in Kenya.

If you’re serious about this chance, you should think about signing up for any or all of the aforementioned survey websites. You will have the greatest chance of earning the most prizes possible by doing this.

Remember that a lot of these websites also provide incentives for introducing friends and relatives. Thus, if you come across a website that you really like, be sure to engage your family and friends so that you may both gain from it.

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