10 easy side jobs teachers may do to supplement their income

10 easy side jobs teachers may do to supplement their income

Teachers are unsung heroes in the lives of students, as we all know, and many of you have to work other jobs to supplement your income. After much investigation, we have identified ten lucrative side gigs that you may work on in addition to your teaching career to supplement your income!

Since I was a teacher once and required a side job to keep things in balance, I am aware that educators are always seeking for methods to increase their income.

For anybody who needs additional money throughout the year or during the school breaks, these side gigs are ideal!

You may begin making up to $1,000 per month as a side job for teachers!

The year-round side job that teachers do

1. Online survey

Pay: $0.05——$5+

How to Commence: To get started, some of the greatest survey websites to register with are:



2.Survey Junkie

Giving your opinion might earn you money with online surveys.

Because they’re short and simple, they need less commitment than other side gigs like focus groups. Surveys may be completed on a computer or phone, unlike most focus groups.

3.Write a blog

Pay: $50,451 per year

How to Commence: In order to become a blogger, you must first build a website and provide material. We have all the information you need to get started right now on the greatest blogging tools!

After our first baby was born, I began earning money from blogging, and this side project turned into this teacher’s new job!

For instructors, blogging is the ideal side job since it allows you to write about whatever you’re interested in.

There is a niche for you whether you want to write about educational news, classroom management strategies, or teaching tools. Who knows?

You may even make a great living as a full-time blogger!


Pay: $18.46 an hour

How to Commence: Check out whether you’d want to launch your own accounting company by enrolling in three FREE courses offered by Bookkeeper Launch!

Performing bookkeeping is a somewhat simple task that may be carried out remotely.

It include managing accounts payable, payroll, and invoice records in addition to monitoring financial activities.

As you would be processing daily paperwork and ensuring that money checks out rather than dealing with big-picture financials, you wouldn’t need to be an accountant or anything.

4.Virtual Assistant

Pay: $16.44 an hour

How to Get Started: Savvy Systems offers a FREE class where you may learn more about how to become a VA.

Providing a broad variety of services is a prerequisite for being a virtual assistant (VA).

Among the services offered are data entry, accounting, appointment scheduling, customer support, and social media management.

Teachers would find it to be an ideal side job since they often work from home.


Pay: $24.98 an hour

How to Get Started: To assist you in launching your own home-based freelance proofreading company, Proofread Anywhere is offering a FREE course.

Self-publishing has increased need for proofreaders on a freelance basis.

Online proofreading can be a great match for you if you’re a teacher who can utilise their keen eye for detail to assist writers polish their work before it’s published!

It takes great grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills to work as a proofreader. Additionally, you’ll need to be fast to identify mistakes in the text.

6.Free Writing

Pay: $25.06 an hour

How to Get Started: Get my Free eBook on How to Write Freelance From Home!

Instructors are wealth of information and may earn extra cash by writing for other people.

You may develop worksheets or lesson plans for other instructors as well as articles for blogs or education publications as a freelance writer.

Make a portfolio of your writing examples for customers as the first step towards becoming a freelance writer.

7.Online Tutoring

Pay: $31,137 per year

How to Get Started: You may establish your own pricing and BookNook will match you with students in need of tutoring.

Online tutoring is a fantastic opportunity to assist pupils and earn money at the same time. You may select the topics you wish to instruct, work from home, and choose your own schedule.

It may be done all year round, including throughout the academic year. and sign up for many online tutoring services in order to draw in additional paying clients.

8.Open A Shopify Store

Pay: Depends on your prices

How to Get Started: Start creating listings for goods on Shopify and discover how to monetize them.

Every day, educators search for additional sources of income. Establishing a Shopify shop as a side business is one method to do that.

Teachers may easily utilise Shopify, an e-commerce platform that doesn’t need coding or design abilities, since it’s user-friendly and straightforward to use.

Everything is up for sale, including resale things from thrift stores and handmade goods.

9.Sell Crafts On Etsy

Pay: $43,000 per year, depending on what you sell and how much

How to Get Started: To begin, create an Etsy store and choose a name that accurately represents your company and your products.

In case you’re like of doing things by hand and creating stuff, opening an Etsy store might be the ideal method to convert your pastime into a profitable venture.

There are many different things you may manufacture and sell, such as paintings, ceramics, or handcrafted goods like printables on Etsy.

10.Freelancing On FlexJobs

Pay: $25 an hour

How to Get Started: Register with FlexJobs and begin looking through the jobs that are posted.

Freelancing on FlexJobs might be a fantastic alternative for educators seeking for a method to supplement their income.  

Any of your abilities may be put to work assisting companies and entrepreneurs with a variety of activities and projects. You may work as a writer, graphic designer, data analyst, and other freelancer.

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