A City Near You Will See Flying Cars Soon

A City Near You Will See Flying Cars Soon

Since the invention of vehicles, people have dreamt about flying cars, and now that dream could finally come true. For private use, a German firm named Lilium Aviation is creating the first vertical takeoff and landing aircraft in history. The Lilium Jet was inspired by the goal of developing a low-cost, quick, and environmentally friendly personal aircraft.

The advantages of this aircraft are its small size and low noise level; it is intended to be a significant advance over contemporary airports, which are large and loud. Those who live far from an airport will also find it to be lot more handy. It’s more accessible to regular people since operating it and getting a license are easier than they are for helicopters.

With two seats, the Lilium Jet has a top speed of 248 mph (400 km/h). With a range of 310 miles (500 km) and a maximum height of 9,900 feet (3 km), it could go from Munich to Berlin in about 1.5 hours. You can park in your backyard since all it need for takeoff and landing is a 15 x 15-meter flat surface—roughly the size of a normal backyard in certain countries. It can be recharged overnight from a regular home outlet once it’s in your yard.​

Because it runs entirely on electricity, the Lilium Jet aims to provide a less polluting form of air travel. Its engines are battery-powered fans, which burn fuel far more quietly and cleanly than the turbines of a helicopter. The Lilium Jet contains 36 fan motors, so even if one or more fail, an emergency landing is not required, making it much safer to fly than a helicopter in the event of an engine failure, which might be devastating in midair.

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