Can I trust the CashPlay app?

Can I trust the CashPlay app?

CashPlay is a smartphone application that claims to be a simple way to gain money.

Though it seems quite seductive, is it a genuine offer or simply another scam?

In this review, I’ll guide you through the features of the CashPlay app so you can expect nothing but the greatest performance from it before you ever install it. You’ll then be able to determine whether or not using the software is beneficial.

Shall we now go at the details of CashPlay?

What exactly is CashPlay and what does it offer?

It may be assumed from the app’s name that using it to play games is a requirement for earning CashPlay. That isn’t the case, however. Actually, CashPlay is an app that compensates users for completing surveys.

The fact that I received payment throughout my testing proves that the program is genuine. But it does not mean that CashPlay is a good investment. Before choosing to utilize this program or not, you need understand how it works. The simplest way to do this is to assess the earning potential it offers in order to estimate the time and effort needed to turn a profit.

The video below has all the information you need to know about CashPlay and payment proof. The full details are accessible underneath the video as well.

Paid surveys are the revenue source.

The only way to get money with CashPlay is to answer paid surveys. It doesn’t have any surveys of its own, however, unlike some other survey apps. Instead, it acts as a survey router by working with other survey providers to provide customers chances to make money.

The process of earning is not too difficult. You choose the Take Survey icon on the app after signing in. After then, a link to the website of a partner survey provider will take you. You will be required to answer a number of qualifying questions at this step in order for the provider to determine if you meet the survey’s target demographic.

Once authorized, you are able to reply to the questionnaire. If you’re not qualified, you just need to move on to the next opportunity. Compared to the bulk of survey apps and websites I had previously examined, CashPlay had a lower qualifying rate. So, don’t expect to get qualified for several surveys. Later on, I will explain what this implies.

You will get points as payment for completing the survey. In the part that follows, I’ll go over what you can do with your gained points. I found that the app’s estimate of how long it would take to complete a survey is a bit wrong while I was trying it.

Sometimes completing a survey takes longer than anticipated. As a result, estimating a survey’s actual time might be difficult. While there are always plenty of surveys available, very few of them meet the requirements, as I’ve previously said. Thus, it essentially refutes the notion that there are an adequate number of surveys accessible at any one moment, in my view.

How do you get paid?

As was previously indicated, you will get points for answering the questionnaires. But what can you do with the points you’ve earned?

You might, however, trade them for cash using PayPal. As you can see in the graphic above, you may cash out your wins as soon as you’ve won $0.15 worth of coins, or 4,000 coins in total. That seems like a very low bar, in my opinion.

As a result, withdrawing your money won’t be too difficult. The only negative is that this is the only possible method of payment. Therefore, confirm that your PayPal account has been authenticated before using this app.

What is the possible amount of money you make?

As was already said, there are often a significant number of surveys accessible. The primary problem is that the qualifying rate for these surveys is lower than it is for most other survey apps and websites that I have looked at. As a result, I continue to believe that earning money with CashPlay is rather challenging.

Its compensation is also inferior to those of other websites and survey apps. This is the reason I think CashPlay has a lower earning potential than most other survey applications. It takes some time and perseverance to make a healthy return on it.

CashPlay has a bonus system that you may make advantage of. All it takes to improve your revenue is a few minutes of daily video ad watching. However, I don’t think the bonus you’ll get will significantly increase your earnings potential.

Does it work with a desktop computer?

Because CashPlay is a mobile-only site, you need to have a mobile device in order to earn money there. However, the software can only be downloaded by Android users. If you use iOS, this program isn’t for you. I advise looking at the best iOS money-making applications instead.

During my testing, I discovered that while the app is generally easy to use, there are a few bugs that need to be fixed (more on this later).

It provides an excellent overall user experience, in my opinion. You won’t encounter a lot of intrusive pop-up ads while using it.

Who may become a CashPlay member?

It didn’t say which countries the program was available in, but it seemed to be available practically everywhere. You should thus be able to download and install it from wherever you reside. The best way to find out whether it’s available where you live is to search for it on Google Play.

If it appears in the results, it is accessible in your nation. If it doesn’t, you are not permitted to participate. Furthermore have in mind that while you may sign up in the majority of countries, the only method to be paid is via PayPal, so there’s no incentive to sign up if it’s not accessible in your country.

One odd thing about this program, that I discovered while testing, is that it didn’t need registration after installation. You are free to begin earning money right now. Usually, you have to go through the registration process before you can start making money with other survey apps.

With CashPlay, however, you may begin answering surveys straight away. This suggests that your account is linked to the mobile device, which means that if you have to deactivate the app or switch to a different mobile device for whatever reason, you will lose all of your earnings. I really don’t like apps that don’t let you save your progress, like this one.

So, take that into account when deciding whether or not to use this software.

Can you get help for yourself?

Another issue I had with CashPlay was that there was no FAQ or Help page to consult if you had any questions about the app or your account. It also lacks a form that you may utilize to get in touch with the support team.

That I had to look on the app page to get the email address of their support staff doesn’t seem like a good sign, in my opinion. You seem to be contacting with your inquiries. It would have been better if this information had been readily available inside the app.

I would argue that CashPlay doesn’t provide its users with enough support since the app doesn’t have an obvious way to get in touch with support.

Final Word

You may be paid to complete surveys by using the real survey program CashPlay. Although it has some decent features, you should be mindful of its limitations.

I’ve listed its advantages and disadvantages to help you decide and provide you with a complete overview of all it has to offer.

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