Review of GameChampions: Is It Worth It? (A sincere examination)

Review of GameChampions: Is It Worth It? (A sincere examination)

Everyone is not suited for GameChampions. This could be an excellent match for you if you’re a competitive player, particularly if you excel in eSports titles.

A website called GameChampions makes the idea that you may be paid to play the video games you love. For those who are avid gamers seeking to supplement their income, this seems like a fantastic chance.

But I strongly advise you to read this GameChampions Review before registering. It will provide you a sincere glimpse into the main purpose of the website. That way, before you ever join, you’ll know precisely what to anticipate from it.

After that, you’ll be in a better position to determine whether or not this is a suitable match for you. So, how about we examine GameChampions in more detail now?

What does GameChampions provide and what is it?

In essence, GameChampions is an e-sports portal that links players seeking to compete for real money and prizes in their preferred video games. Because you can really win real money from it, the website is legitimate.

This does not imply that GameChampions is a suitable match for you, however. You must first comprehend how this site operates in order to decide whether or not you should join. Examining the earning potential it provides is the only method to determine how much time and effort are required to profit from it.

Here is how you may be able to make money with GameChampions.

Option 1: Individualised Tasks

Putting other site users up to a one-on-one challenge is one method to earn money from GameChampions. You will only play sports games like FIFA 23 or FC 24 for this possibility. Additionally, a gaming system such as the Xbox or PS4 must be used.

The method for making money from one-on-one challenges is briefly explained in the video below.

It works by requiring you to create a challenge inside GameChampions’ member dashboard.

It is necessary to configure the game, console, and gaming mode that you want to use. After that, you must decide how much to wager ($5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $80, $100, and $200).

You must pay the wager with real money deposited into your GameChampions account, or you may utilise the earnings from the alternative earning option—which I’ll discuss in the following section—to finance the wager. To enable the website to follow the challenge after you’ve entered its data, you must connect your Game ID to your GameChampions account.

All you have to do is wait for someone to accept your challenge once it is online. All you have to do is play until someone wins (in accordance with the challenge’s rules) once a challenger accepts. Alternately, you might accept a challenge from another user and go the opposite way.

The fact that this chance isn’t free is the most crucial thing for you to keep in mind. Therefore, you can end up losing money. You should use caution while posing or accepting challenges because of this.

Your GameChampions account balance will be credited with the prizes if you are the winner. I’ll go into how to take your profits out later. If you lose, however, the money will be taken out of your balance.

Second Choice: Competitions

Entering tournaments is another method you may earn money from GameChampions. Both free and paid tournaments are available. Fortnite and League of Legends will be the games available for this possibility.

Warzone 2 and Valorant tournament choices were there when I tested the website, but they were disabled. When you’ve finished reading this review, these choices may already be accessible.

You just need to sign up for free tournaments in order to be eligible for prizes if you place among the top players. The prize schedule will vary depending on the competition, however it will typically be disclosed on the tournament’s information page.

In pay-to-enter tournaments, it functions similarly to the challenge feature. To participate in the competition, you must pay a set fee. Since participation in these competitions requires payment, the awards will be greater.

To get enough money to pay for pay-to-enter tournaments where the big money is, the majority of users often begin by participating in free events. That’s what I would do, at least, since there won’t be any out-of-pocket costs.

You won’t have any trouble finding a tournament to participate in since there are always several of them open at any one moment. Your GameChampions account will be rewarded with the prize if you win.

How are you compensated?

Your account balance will be credited with the award you get from GameChampions. After that, there will be many options for you to take your winnings out (see the picture below).

Your profits may be taken out via direct bank transfer or PayPal. Additionally, you may exchange your profits for other gift cards.

You may use a prepaid Visa card or PayPal to withdraw your winnings, as shown in the image above. They may also be changed into other gift cards. There won’t be any charges associated with these choices. Additionally, you have two options for withdrawing your money straight into your bank account.

There is a €7 cost associated with using a SWIFT transfer to withdraw your winnings. There will be a €2 cost associated with the alternative option, which is EU SEPA transfer. You must meet a minimum requirement for each payment method in order to withdraw your profits.

If you want to join this site, you will have to determine for yourself since the threshold is not explicitly stated on the website. Since I don’t play the games the website offers, I was never able to reach the point where I could earn, therefore I was unable to try this myself.

Regarding your profits, you should also be prepared for the possibility that GameChampions may deduct a portion of your earnings, so when you withdraw your earnings, you won’t get the whole amount.

They must eventually earn as well, after all. Furthermore, because they don’t charge for this service, the only way they can profit is by taking a percentage of your wins. I think this is reasonable and to be anticipated.

All things considered, I would think that GameChampions’ payment procedure is really simple. Its availability of practical payment options like PayPal appeals to me. I advise you to also look into the best websites that accept PayPal if you’re looking for more websites that provide a practical way to make payments.

What is your potential income?

Your gaming prowess will be the primary determinant of the amount you can make with GameChampions. You may be able to make a nice living from playing the games on the website if you are an exceptionally skilled player.

However, as the majority of members are competitive players, I wouldn’t advise joining GameChampions if you are simply a casual player since you would find it difficult to make any money. Overall however, you may be able to make a solid living from gaming if you are a really strong player.

Use it on a mobile device?

Although there isn’t a mobile app available for GameChampions, you may still use your smartphone to view the member dashboard since the website is responsive. It will be simple for you to read the text and click the links.

That being said, in order to earn, you will need to utilise a gaming computer or console, such as a PS4 or Xbox. A computer that has the GPU, CPU, and RAM needed to run games smoothly is what I mean when I refer to it as a gaming machine. It will be significant, particularly in a cutthroat setting.

With GameChampions, who can sign up?

Although the website doesn’t specifically list the countries in which it is available, it seems to be accessible almost everywhere. To participate, all you need to be is eighteen years old.

To join GameChampions, you need to complete the registration form.

You must complete the registration form in order to join. After you’ve completed that, you must list the games you play. You may begin earning on the member dashboard after completing this step.

You must first connect your game ID to your GameChampions account in order to begin. The website will guide you through the process. After linking your account, you’ll be credited with $1. You may begin earning as soon as your game ID is connected.

Are you able to receive assistance?

Visit the website’s FAQ area if you have any issues about the site or your account. It covers some of the fundamental subjects you should be aware of about GameChampions. However, you may contact the support staff if you run into a problem or have a query that wasn’t addressed in the FAQ area.

You may connect with a support agent at any moment using the website’s live help function. If you wish to communicate with other users and site officials, you can also join their Telegram and Discord channels.

In general, I believe that GameChampions delivers reasonable member support since it gives you an easy option to contact the staff.

Last Word

On the reliable website GameChampions, you have the opportunity to make a decent income by participating in competitive video games like Fortnite, League of Legends, FIFA 23, FC 24, and other titles. It has a few positive aspects, but you should be aware of its few negative aspects as well.

I’ve outlined the benefits and drawbacks of GameChampions so you can make an informed choice and see what the company has to offer.


provides a unique opportunity to make

provides easy ways to pay


Opportunities for earning are skill-based.

There are certain possibilities that cost money.

I do not think that everyone should use GameChampions. This could be a good match for you if you’re a competitive player, particularly if you’re skilled at the games listed above. But this isn’t for you if you’re simply a casual player. Since the majority of site users are avid players, you will struggle to win.

Instead, you would be better off signing up for the top websites where you can be paid to play online games. So, there are other methods to get additional money if that’s what you want to do.

Instead, I advise you to visit the most popular survey and GPT websites in your nation. You may quickly make a respectable sum of money on any of the websites on our list since they all have strong earning potential. You won’t have to risk your own money in order to make money, too.

Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts, queries, or experiences with GameChampions.

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