Review of Gamer Sensei: Is It Worth It? (It’s Not for Everyone)

Review of Gamer Sensei: Is It Worth It? (It’s Not for Everyone)

Not everyone is suited for the opportunity offered by Gamer Sensei. This is a respectable chance if you have shown to be a trustworthy instructor, in my view.

According to the website Gamer Sensei, you may be paid for helping students reach their gaming objectives by sharing your gaming expertise.

Undoubtedly, this is a special chance to make money, but is it real or a scam?

In order to give you a good idea of how Gamer Sensei operates, this review will examine the features that the website offers. In this manner, before you ever join up, you will know precisely what to anticipate from it.

After that, you can choose whether or not this is a good chance for you to make some additional money. Now, should we examine what Gamer Sensei is all about?

What does Gamer Sensei provide and what is it?

You may make money teaching players using Gamer Sensei, an Esports coaching platform owned by Corsair, a well-known American manufacturer of computer gear and peripherals.

Since a legitimate corporation owns it, the website is legitimate, and the opportunity it presents is one that you can really profit from.

That being said, this does not imply that Gamer Sensei is the best option for you. You have to know how it operates in order to determine if you should pursue it or not. To achieve so, we must examine the earning potential it presents so that you may clearly understand the time and effort required to profit from it.

Thus, this is how you may profit from Gamer Sensei.

The source of income: coaching

Providing gaming teaching services to other players is the only method to make money with Gamer Sensei. As soon as you’re approved as a sensei, you may start instructing users on the site. Note that you are limited to coaching certain games (see the image below).

Students may learn how to earn by playing famous video games.

You can see that you are only able to provide coaching for games that are exclusive to your platform, such as Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Valorant. You will mostly interact with players that are attempting to break into the esports sector since they are some of the most played esports games currently available.

You have to make a list of the services you are willing to provide in order to begin earning. These may take the shape of live training sessions, VOD (video-on-demand) review sessions, general one-on-one coaching, or live spectating sessions. Which services you choose to provide is entirely up to you.

You must establish a fee for the services you want to provide after deciding the ones to provide. Along with stating your timetable, you also need to mention how long the session will last. This position offers the benefit of flexibility in terms of the schedule you establish. There is no minimum amount of hours or days that you must work.

Your services will now be visible in Gamer Sensei’s directory after you have finished these procedures. To be booked, all you need to do is wait. The disadvantage of this chance is as follows. That’s not something you can consistently make money from since there’s no assurance you will get reservations on a regular basis—or any at all.

If you do get a booking, you will be paid when the job is finished and you must deliver it at the prearranged time and date (more on this in the following section). In addition to rating how well you coach them, your students will be able to provide a review of your services. For you to keep receiving reservations, you must ensure that you consistently provide excellent service.

How are you compensated?

The Gamer Sensei website does not provide any information about the coaches’ payment structure. However, from my experience with freelancing platforms—which, to me, is basically what Gamer Sensei is—you will often get paid by PayPal or a direct bank transfer.

You won’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your money since it will be something handy. Now, although Gamer Sensei provides you with this service without charge, you must assume that they will take a portion of your profits. Because of this, you shouldn’t anticipate being paid in full at the end of a coaching session.

In the end, Gamer Sensei needs your money in order to stay in business. Again, I’m not really able to comment more since I don’t know the exact amount of the price.

However, I anticipate that this website’s payment mechanism will be really simple overall. I recommend that you also have a look at the best websites that accept PayPal if you’re looking for more websites that have a simple payment mechanism.

What is your potential income?

The number of bookings you get will have the most impact on your profits from Gamer Sensei since you have the ability to decide the pricing for the services you provide.

Regretfully, you are unable to change it. To ensure that you get positive ratings and reviews, the greatest thing you can do is perform exceptionally well each time you receive a booking.

I think this will ultimately help you get additional earning chances. The image below is an example of the prices that some coaches provide to help you get a sense of how much you can make.

Here is an example of the prices you may charge for your coaching services.

As you can see, if you, of course, get a lot of reservations, you may profitably utilise the chance that Gamer Sensei gives. However, because you haven’t yet built your name as a coach, anticipate your profits to be modest if you are a new member.

I think that promoting oneself on social media sites is a smart approach to enhance your reputation as a competent tutor. You may publicise your coaching sessions to increase the number of individuals who are aware of your coaching abilities. This is only an example, but you get the idea of how to increase your income as a coach.

In general, I would argue that your reputation as a coach or player will have a major influence on your earning potential as a Gamer Sensei. More people will employ you as a coach if they know you’re skilled at instructing or playing video games. I think it is almost hard to attract customers if you are new to this field since the competition is so fierce.

Use it on a mobile device?

Although there isn’t a mobile app available for Gamer Sensei, you may use a mobile web browser to see the member dashboard from a mobile device. Because the website is mobile-friendly, it’s simple to log in and see whether there are any reservations.

But, as the majority of the games you will be teaching are computer games (some have mobile versions), you will need to utilise a computer for the job you must do in order to get paid.

Gamer Sensei is open to anybody.

Although the website doesn’t specify which nations are eligible for this chance, it seems to be accessible almost everywhere. You may take advantage of the opportunity that Gamer Sensei provides if you have a computer that is capable of running the games you wish to teach and a fast internet connection.

A link to your VOD review will be required when you seek to be a sensei.

You have to apply before you can become a sensei. You need to provide a link to a previous VOD review that you have completed together with the registration form (see the picture above). If you’re curious, a video of you evaluating a video game or a sample of a video game is known as a VOD review.

When you apply to be a Gamer Sensei coach, this will be used as your audition piece. To improve your chances of being approved, make sure you choose the greatest one you have. You will be prompted to connect your social media accounts after completing this step.

This is also required so that Gamer Sensei can determine how big of an audience you already have. Ultimately, they need to ensure that they are hiring the greatest instructors, and your social media accounts can tell them whether you fit that description or not.

All you need to do is wait for Gamer Sensei to contact you on your application once the registration procedure is complete. After applying, keep an eye on your inbox as you’ll get an email if you’re approved.

When you apply, please be patient since Gamer Sensei does not have a set timeframe for reviewing applications. This implies that this is not the best choice for you if you’re searching for anything that you can start making money on right now.


Are you able to receive assistance?

You may contact Gamer Sensei’s support staff at with any issues you may have concerning the website or your account. As previously said, the website doesn’t feature a lot of information on the teaching opportunity, so you’ll mostly need to contact the support service directly with any questions you may have.

All things considered, I believe that Game Sensei gives its coaches the bare minimum of support since it gives you a handy option to request help. Having said that, I wish the website provided more details regarding the income potential so you could accurately determine whether or not it is a suitable match for you.

Last Word

With the legitimate website Gamer Sensei, you can get money by mentoring other gamers. It offers a few useful functions, but you should be aware of its restrictions as well.

I’ll list the benefits and drawbacks so you can decide whether you should take advantage of this chance or not.


provides a unique opportunity to make

For the services you provide, you are free to choose your own fee.


doesn’t ensure financial success

takes a lot of preparation to take advantage of the potential it presents.

lengthy registration procedure

There isn’t much information about the earning possibilities on the website.

I believe that not every person is a good match for Gamer Sensei. This is a respectable chance if you have shown to be a trustworthy instructor, in my view. This is due to the likelihood that you will get a respectable number of reservations and a respectable income as a result.

However, before you can expect to make money from a site like this, you must establish your name if you are merely an aspiring esports instructor.

Now, if all you’re searching for is a chance to get some additional money, I advise you to look at the best GPT and survey websites in your nation. You may quickly make a respectable sum of money on any of the websites on our list since they all have strong earning potential. Plus, as soon as you join, you may start making money.

Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts, queries, or experiences with Gamer Sensei.

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